Hobo Jeepers

Patrol 1 of the Mile-Hi Jeep Club

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Hobo Events

2020 Cascade Cree (Revisit)

2020 Jenny Creek (Revisit)

2020 Jenny Creek

2020 Saints John

2020 McClellan Mountain

2020 T33 and Bunce School Trail

2020 Coney Flats / Middle St Vrain

2020 Pickle Gulch

2020 Barbour Fork and Devil's Canyon

2020 Gordon Gulch / Switzerland / Pennsylvania Gulch

2020 Geneva Creek

2020 Slaughterhouse Gulch

2020 Cascade Creek

2019 Pickle Gulch

4th of July

2019 Hobo Run

Yankee Hill and Minor's Gulch Trail

2019 Slaughterhouse Gulch

2018 Happy Hobo Cleanup

Our 1 mile stretch of road on Kipling at 6th Ave needed a bit of clean-up

2018 Slaughterhouse Gulch

2018 Hackett Gulch

2018 Cascade Creek

2018 Mill Creek and Bill Moore Lake

2018 Hobo Run

Kingston Peak Loop Trail

2017 Hobo Run

Kingston Peak Loop Trail and Lower Miner's Gulch

2017 Argentine Pass

The Hobo

“Homeward Bound, or Helping Our Brothers Out. A Hobo’s main impetus is travel, the love of the journey above the actual destination. A Hobo spends their time riding the trails and is happy with a bottle of Gin…ger ale, a guitar and some friends. A Hobo works and wanders, for the Hobo the Jeep was their primary method of transport, as they ranged across the country in search of fun in the sun.”

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